Bylaws Article 4
This association undertakes the following enterprise in order to attain the purpose mentioned in the preceding article.
  1. Holding of a scientific meeting, a lecture meeting, an educational meeting (a seminar, a workshop), etc.
  2. Issue, such as a report and a journal, and scientific books
  3. Training and authorization of professionals
  4. To spread education activities about health, medical treatment, and welfare, a policy proposal, surveillance study support, evaluation of ethicality
  5. Cooperation with an internal and external related organization
  6. In addition, an enterprise required in order to attain the purpose of this association

1. Scientific meetings, seminars, and workshops
  • Annual conference/academic meeting
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Spring Seminar
  • CPD Autumn Seminar
  • CPD Hands-on Seminar(2 to 4 times a year)
  • Family Medicine Winter Seminar for Young Doctors
  • Family Medicine Summer Seminar for Students and Residents
  • Primary Care-Certified Pharmacist Workshops(monthly)
  • Clinical Study Design Workshops(2 to 3 times a year)

2. Journal

Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association(quarterly)

  • First Publication June, 2010 Circulation:11,300
  • The number of prepublication papers in 2014 is 92
cover Japanese

Journal of General and Family Medicine(quarterly)

  • First Publication in 1999(from JSGM) Circulation:11,300
  • general internal medicine, primary care, family practice, clinical epidemiology, health service research, decision analysis, behavioral science, clinical ethics, psychosocial issues, and medical education among others
  • The number of prepublication papers in 2014 is 68
cover English

3. Training, certification and faculty development of professionals
  • Certification of:
  • JPCA-Certified Family Physicians
  • Diplomates in Primary Care of JPCA
  • Primary Care-Certified Pharmacists
  • FD seminars
  • Accreditation of:
  • JPCA-Certified Residency Training Programs
  • ospitalist training programs

4. Education of lay public on healthcare and primary care

5. Policy development in healthcare and primary care

6. Providing support for research in primary care

7. Ethics in primary care