Three academic organizations merged into Japan Primary Care Association (JPCA) on 1st April 2010

  • The Japanese Medical Society of Primary Care (JMSPC; founded 1978)
  • Japanese Academy of Family Medicine (JAFM; founded 1986)
  • Japanese Society of General Medicine (JSGM; founded 1993)

Events jointly held by three organizations

May 2005
WONCA APR 2005, Kyoto,
May 2006
29th Conference of the Japanese Academy of Primary Care Physicians, Nagoya
March 2007
Tripartite (Conjoined or conjoint??) Symposium, Tokyo
August 2009
32nd Conference of JAPCP , 24th Conference of JAFM, with JSGM, Kyoto
1st April 2010
Merger of three organizations

The purpose of merger

Having the nation and the medical community recognize the importance of the role of the general/family medicine and family physicians and thus promoting general/family medicine
  • Encouraging citizens to have a family physician as their family doctor
  • Emphasizing the importance of primary care research
  • Emphasizing the key role primary care should play in medical education and healthcare

Implications of the merger of three societies

Epoch-making in Japanese medical history in (a sense) that the three societies with slightly different goals and membership merged into one organization (or society) to achieve a common goal: promotion of primary care and creation/official recognition of a generalist specialty

Japan Primary Care Association